Neomyotismon is


He is an Unknown Level Digimon that resembles a vampire with sharp edges all over him.



He rules the Midnight Zone, where it was once a peaceful Lopmon village. During the battle, Neomyotismon managed to absorb MetalGreymon to go assume his Darkness Mode, much to Christopher’s horror. Shoutmon manages to enter Neomyotismon’s body to convince MetalGreymon to never give up. Shoutmon risked his life to rescue MetalGreymon and became Shoutmon DX, but with a cost of Lopmon’s life and the other Lopmons’ lives as well. After Shoutmon DX strikes Neonyotismon, the vampire is horrified that he is now unable to regenerate and lost his immortality, to which Shoutmon Dx explains that he selfishly used the Lopmon’s data to make himself immortal. Neomyotismon attempts to devour Shoutmon DX to gain back his immortality, but Shoutmon DX finally manages to defeat Neonyotismon, ending his reign of terror.

In Prison Land, Neonyotismon’s soul with the other Dark Generals attacked Mikey, but he manages to escape with the help of Apollomon. Neonyotismon’s body was disintegrated into nothingness after GrandGeneramon was destroyed by Shoutmon X7.

Powers & Abilities

  • Nightmare Leeches:
  • Giga-Neutron Blast: