Shoutmon is the protagonist of Digimon Fusion. He is partner of Mikey Kudo and founder of Fusion Fighter.


He is a small, red dragon with blue eyes and a spiky mouth and a V-shaped forehead. He wears green headphones around his ears, and his joints appear to be held together by screws.


He is extremely high aggressiveness due to hot-blooded enthusiasm, yet friendly towards his comrades. He enjoys singing and wields a microphone for leisure and to help in combat, his chances of winning depending on the amount of passion he has.




Powers & Abilities

  • Fiery Fastball:
  • Bellow Blaster:
  • Rock and Roller:


  • His Voice Actor, Ben Diskin shared similar feelings, commenting he had been a fan of Fusion ever since its Japanese premiere and thus was glad to be voicing both Shoutmon and Cutemon, another pair of characters whose personalities differ greatly.
  • Shoutmon acts as the core component of all the Fusion Fighters' primary DigiFusions and is the only member of the Fusion Fighters able to digivolve by himself naturally as well.


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